Question by chee: What used cars get more than 25 MPG city?
I am looking for my first car. I have a 3-4k budget and am looking for car makes/models that get at least 25 MPG city. Like my friend has a late 90′s dodge neon that gets about 28 MPG city and said the KBB was around 2k.
What other cars makes/models should I research?

Best answer:

Answer by Jeremy L
2000 Toyota Echo 29mpg city/37mpg hwy
1997 Honda del Sol S 28mpg city/35mpg hwy
1997 Honda del Sol Si 26mpg city/33mpg hwy
1997 Toyota Celica ST 25mpg city/32mpg hwy

All four of these cars fit within your budget and are highly rated by people that own them.

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